Wacken Open Air

The biggest heavy metal music festival in the world. It takes place in a little village in Germany. And I’ve been there, as one of the 80 000 visitors!

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We had mostly luck with the weather, but the rain all Wednesday and a little bit every now and then during the other days made the entire area muddy so that it didn’t take long till we had to wade through 10-30 cm of mud puddles on our way to the toilets, our tents, the stages or simply anywhere.

But it didn’t bother anybody anymore after a few days, especially since the bands13906684_337706213227108_2946856051607976042_n we saw live and the people we met were totally worth it! I can’t repeat this often enough, but in my opinion metalheads are probably the most friendliest and most misunderstood people, which I’ve met so far.

The singer of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, said during their show at Wacken:
„The answer to the bullshit that is going on out here at the moment is not to be full of hatred, it’s to be full of love and life and music and a lot of beer“ –  „Blood Brothers“, Iron Maiden at Wacken Open Air 201613925928_1275012872522305_2798873363819594462_o


Normal is not the norm, take off your uniform…

Songtext by Delain „We are the others“

It is so easy to judge about people, which we actually really don’t know, people we see in the streets of our everyday life. Some might wear unusual clothes, some might have a scar, some might simply not smile or greet others.  The thing we should never forget is that everybody has a reason why they are how and who they  are. Whether it is because of experiences they made in their lives, maybe a mental or physical illness or even just the music they like to listen to.

Last weekend I was at a metal festival called „Out&Loud“ in Geiselwind, close to Würzburg. The experience I have made there was, that metal fans, even if they might look scary, unfriendly or even violent, are the most friendliest and peaceable people I have met so far! The music might be loud, very loud, but I never saw someone getting hurt during a moshpit or crowd surfing or anything else during the concerts I’ve seen during the festival. Once a guy stumbled and fell during a moshpit circle, but the people around him stopped immediately until he got up on this feet again.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the campground and during the concerts and shows I saw!

„Just by the side of Amsterdam“

songtext by Imagine Dragens

We went on a school trip and visited a couple cities in the Netherlands for 5 days, for example Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam.

A tiny, traditional cheese and clog factory:

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…  the Netherlands are always such a cute place to visit, even the bigger cities. Sadly got no pictures of the beach, our tiny bungalows, the roller coaster or the other adventures we had during this class trip.

„April in Paris, this is a feeling“

songtext by Ella Fitzgerald

Another weekend with AFS:

DSC06730aWe made a trip to Paris! Arrived over night, spent there a day and left over night and we experienced Paris within 12 hours!

AFS – another fat student…

AFS – another fat student … this really seemed to be the motto of last weekends AFS VB2 camp in Dülmen. We had way to much food! But also a lot of fun! Thanks for another great weekend and a huge deficit of sleep!


USC Münster vs. VC Wiesbaden

German Bundes League Volleyball

I went to this game with my mom last Sunday. It was a really good game.  Both teams did well in the first set, and it was really tight till Münster won the first set. But they fell back and Wiesbaden won the second. It was really exciting! It wasn’t predictable which team would win at all. But Münster was able to take the lead in the 3rd set and won the 4th set as well. The game ended 3:1! Münster won!





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